Three year anniversary on WordPress today!

I received a notification from WordPress this morning congratulating me on being a WordPress blogger for three years now. And I couldn’t imagine that I have been blogging here for three years already!



And that is just the WordPress platform. I had actually started blogging long before this and had a travel blog when I was younger and used to be able to travel more often, on blogspot. My blog then used to be called ‘Livin on the Edge‘, after the Bon Jovi song. 😁

But here I decided to write about everything, my travels, my writing practise, book blogging, life diaries, random thoughts in general..

I found out from WordPress statistics that I’ve written 222 posts in these three years which averages out to around 6 posts a month. But the most gratifying part about my blogging journey so far, has been meeting people who take time out of their busy days to read what I have to say, who have become sort of friends and are really kind and kindred spirits😊 So a huge thank you to everyone who has ever read any of my blogs!!


I realised though that sometimes I forget why I started blogging in the first place. When I started, I had no expectations really. I was writing for myself. But as I started getting ‘likes’ and ‘follows’, blogging became a mix of wanting to write for myself as well as for others. After all, who doesn’t like being liked? And who doesn’t like being heard, in this loud noisy world anyway?😊

But at the end of the day, I write when I want to write and what I want to write. Not just to get popular or liked by everyone. Otherwise the joy of blogging will be lost to me.

So here’s hoping to another three years of blogging, to writing and talking about my life, rambling and making new friends and keeping old friends in the process!!

Questions to you guys:

Why do you blog?

What makes blogging fun for you?

If I did have to write for my readers too, which of my blogs did you enjoy most and would like to see more of?

25 thoughts on “Three year anniversary on WordPress today!

  1. Congratulations and happy anniversary Prachi !!! And I’m trying to comment on your SoC review post to gush but it doesn’t have a comment option 😭😭😭


    1. What?!!! Oh no! Why is that? I need to check if I can change anything in the settings.. that doesn’t make any sense sigh..

      Thank you for the wishes though😊 worst case scenario we could discuss here! I’m reading crooked kingdom right now by the way .. who was your favorite character and did you relate to that character?

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      1. Sure hope it works out… I can’t even comment in the WP Reader 😬😬😬
        And yup, here is fine.. all I want to do is gush because I loved your review… totally felt every single feeling of yours.. I love the book so much….
        I don’t know if I can relate to any… maybe Wylan a little… but I love them all so much…
        and I agree, we all wish we could be Inej.. she is so strong.. Jes and Wy are the cutest 😍😍😍

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      2. Hahaha oh gosh this is so strange… some Grisha magic maybe that has spooked my post sigh..

        Nevertheless, I took a quiz on Leigh Bardugo’s website today to find out which SoC member would I be and I turned out to be Kaz based on my answers but that’s so not me! Maybe I lied in my answers.. lol trying to sound cool or something..

        I read that they’re making a Netflix series on both the series- shadow and bone as well as six of crows.. and combined into a single season .. I wonder how that’s going to work?!🤔

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      3. Haha Grisha magic.. nice 😜😜😜

        Kaz huh… Prachi is a mastermind 😍😍😍

        Ya they are making the show together… simultaneous timelines in different countries I suppose.. something like game of thrones … atleast that’s how I think it’ll probably work


      4. Rofl! Me and Kaz?! No way.. I know a 100% that I’m not a leader lol. I like to show off sometimes but I’m definitely more of an entertainer than a mastermind 😂

        Hmm like game of thrones.. yeah that might make sense. And then the characters all converge somehow.. can’t wait to see the characters come to life though😊

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      5. Haha I know right.. Kaz is too brilliant!!!! I love his mind and obviously Leigh’s mind for creating him ❤️❤️

        I’m so excited for the show… probably the first one where my absolute favorite book is being made into a show..

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      6. Seriously.. and now I can understand why fans were disappointed with Ninth House. I can totally see the differences now. To be honest, there doesn’t seem to be much difference in ages of the protagonists and the way they talk and their actions.. like Matthias is 18 I think and Alex from ninth house is 21.. I think I was more or less the same when I was 18 and 21 lol

        Anyway, I can’t wait to finish crooked kingdom and read the shadow and bone and king of scars .. few more books to go😊

        I read more about Leigh Bardugo today online and I’m so impressed by everything I learned about her.. the fact that she’s Israeli and has studied at Yale and has her own band.. how cool can she be!😊

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      7. I have no plans to read NH .. it’s just too damn dark for me… but I can see how her protagonists are always so mature …
        only the main girl from the original trilogy I found to be a proper teenager…

        CK is one of my all time favorites ever… I love it so much and I hope you are too !!!!! And ofcourse I’ll be here to gush with you as you read all of them 😍😍😍

        She is amazing!!! She is very goth in her personal style, so you should see her jewelry and lipsticks and nail polishes… very much like the aesthetic of NH…
        and did you know that she based Kaz’s disability on her own experience… she too has some chronic illness and uses a cane to walk when the pain becomes too bad…

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      8. Yeah I found out about her bone condition too and the fact that she based Kaz on herself.. it’s sad and inspiring at the same time. Absolute respect for Leigh Bardugo now😊
        Hopefully I’ll be staying up a few late nights and taking a little longer to finish crooked kingdom so I don’t have to take a day off from work again lol

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      9. You really are awesome taking a day off to read and all 😂😂😂
        If you ever wanna reread these two books, try the audiobooks… it’s a full cast audio and they are brilliant 😍😍😍

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      10. Hahaha I feel the urge to live in my bookish world more than my real world. My bookish world is always so much more exciting than my real world. I feel a lot like Ben Stiller from that movie of his.. forgetting the name now lol.. so I just had to take the day off!

        And thank you so much for the audiobook tip! I’m definitely using my audiobook credits to re-read these next year hehe😊 this was so kuch fun, thank you for fangirling with me!

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      11. I know right… I could live in my book worlds all day too and I’m lucky that I have the chance to just that 😊😊😊
        It was awesome to fangirl … it’s hard to find new fans of the series these days 😜😜
        Happy reading CK 😍😍

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      12. Ohh no… I meant that I don’t work anymore.. so I just read all day 😊😊😊 I quit 2 years ago because I was completely burnt out and getting sick all the time… started the blog at around the same time and it has really helped me keep my sanity and mental health at a better place..

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      13. I absolutely agree that normal work and just the world in general takes a toll. That’s why I took the day off the read. And I’m so glad to hear that you took this decision 2 years back. People tend to forget that health and happiness and sanity and love is more precious than a job or pleasing others or being at the top of your game all the time😊 on that note, I hope you have a great day.. I’m going to call it a night now😊

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      14. Thank you !!!! Not everyone understands my decision but I’m in a better place, so I stand by it…
        Good night then and have a great weekend 👍👍

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      15. I had read somewhere that you don’t need to convince the whole world. Just one person – yourself. And you’ve done that😊 also, I stand by you since that’s something I want to do one day too.. replace my 9-6 desk job with lesser hours and more flexibility to be able to work from anywhere .. have a great weekend too!

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