Fierce Fairytales by Nikita Gill

I know there are mixed views amongst readers for the modern day form of poetry lately, but I’m in the ‘I-love-these-types-of-poems’ camp 😊

So Nikita Gill’s collection of reinvented fairy tales narration in the form of easily understandable poems and short stories, was an absolute treat for me.

The underlying themes of these fairy tale re-tellings are on feminism, positive self respect, mental health, and equality. I was amazed at the way she found absolutely fresh ways of defending the villains or the characters from these popular fairy tales. That, added with some beautiful illustrations and an absolutely stunning cover, makes you appreciate the author’s creativity and thought process.

I had read some really great reviews from Sahi, on her blog, but hadn’t gone out looking for the book as such. But as chance would have it, I found it on one of the indie bookstalls that had been set up in our office one evening and just couldn’t resist buying it! I mean look at that cover.. who can resist it?😊

Some of my favourite poems and passages from this book were:

  • A tale of two sisters
  • The red wolf
  • Badrouldbadour
  • Wendy
  • The moon dragon
  • Waking beauty
  • The art of emptiness
  • Princess plain

I’m thinking of adding some fluff to Nikita’s take on these stories and trying to narrate them to my daughter as part of our night time story telling routine. Let’s see what she says to that!

Questions to you guys:

Have you guys read this book? What did you think about the poems?

Are you in the camp of love these easily accessible and understandable poems or hate them? You can tell me, I won’t judge – promise 😊

Have you ever bought a book purely based on its cover?

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