The best hair colour!!

So I’ve found the best hair colour out there.. you want to know what that is? It is the one you get for FREE! Haha.. ok don’t kill me for that click bait title😊

Here’s what really happened and by the end of reading this story, tell me if you’re as confused with my hair problems as I was.

I went to the hair salon to get a hair cut. To get my hair cut shorter. Get a boy cut. The hair dresser was very hesitant. So we agreed on a middle ground. I also had to get my greys touched up, so I told him maybe you can do that too. He took one look at my grey roots and exclaimed, “Oh my goodness ma’am, you have 100% grey hair. Tsk tsk.. already so much gray hair? How?

I didn’t have an answer so I just shrugged and told him to touch it up already. And I wondered to myself, how would I look if I actually went grey. If I stopped putting those chemicals on my head every month?! I’d look older, but would I look completely strange? Then I realised it was futile thinking since most of my family would be very against my idea of going grey at this age. Sigh🙄

Then, after a minute, an idea occurred to me. I had always wanted those funky coloured streaks, especially the electric blue one, in my hair. And I thought, why not get it done today?! So after much contemplation and consultation with the hair dresser, we agreed that I should just take the plunge. The best time to get your hair streaked into a strange bright colour is when you are probably having a mid life crisis of some sorts.

I got my hair cut, I got my roots touched up and then he choose two streaks of my hair and started putting bleach on it to lighten the colour, so he could apply the blue colour on top of it. We waited 10 mins, and then he checked. He looked confused, then he applied some more bleach and we waited for another 10 minutes, and then another 10 minutes. After half an hour of waiting, he took the foil off and shook his head and said, “Ma’am, I’m very sorry, but your hair is not compatible for streaks.”

I was really confused. I said, “But how can that be? I have 100% grey hair, remember? So technically, my hair should all be coloured hair only!” I was really upset at this moment. I felt like my toddler feels when she is promised a treat and then told later that she can’t have it, ever. I had my heart set on shocking everyone. He cleaned the bleach off and said to me, “After half an hour of double the dose of bleach, your hair should’ve looked blonde or even lighter. But it just looks red now. It would be really detrimental to your hair if I keep this on any longer or use stronger bleach. So be happy with this. And you know what, I won’t charge you for this bleach coloured hair. It’s free of cost.”

‘Natural’ red streaks instead of the blues 🙂

This is what it looked like in the end. Not shocking, but luckily, not too bad either. I spent two hours at the hair salon and returned home with mixed feelings. Happy, that I saved some money and sad, that I’ll never be able to see those blue streaks on my hair that I wanted so badly, since I was in my 20s…

Tell me, have you ever had a desire and found out it could never be fulfilled?

Or bad hair salon days? Or great hair salon days?

Should I go grey? 🤔

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