My Reading Life is in a mess this month!

I just realized its the last week of the month and while I have started three books, I’m nowhere close to finishing any of those.

Not just that, I had bought a book specifically as part of the destination reading challenge for the month and I haven’t started that, and now I realized that I have less than a week to start and finish reading that book, if I want to justify buying that book in the first place! Ok, I need to calm down, and breathe.

(Off the subject, but completely in love with Taylor Swift’s latest song, ‘You need to calm down’. It made my Monday so much fun and inspiring, here’s the video link for you guys, because clearly I don’t want anyone to have not heard this – I really hope the link works)

You Need To Calm Down

Coming back to my current problem, the reading mess that I’ve got myself into. Have you guys faced similar problems, where you have signed up for reading more than you could in a particular month or week? Or sometimes, life happens, or viral fever happens, or Netflix happens, and we just fall behind, forgetting that a month only has 30 days after all. What does a reader with ‘goals’ (ahem) do then?


I used to make lists on what I want to read before each month, based on the multiple book clubs that I was a member of and the reading challenges that I had signed up for (all for free of course, that’s the best part about reading clubs, they’re mostly free!!). But slowly, when I started comparing my ‘To-Read’ list with my ‘Monthly-Wrap Up’ list at the end of the month, I would notice glaring differences. I think one out of five books would be common. Just went to show how much making lists and planning was helping me, I was completely reading on whim! That’s how when half the year has passed, I find myself having read many books, yet not having read the books I had ‘planned’ to read. Is that normal with readers? I really need some validation at this point to say that I’m not a crazy reader and that everyone does this from time to time 🙂

I think this month, right now, I have two realistic options, knowing that I cant burn the midnight oil and stay up and finish reading all four books that I wanted to read this month. I can only probably fit in reading ONE more book this month. And my options are:

  • Continue reading the middle grade fantasy that I have begun, but this book is not a part of any reading challenge or book club reads for the month
  • Pause all the other books that I’m reading, including the one above and finish reading the book I bought for the destination reading challenge for the month, and justify my spending, somewhat (cough, cough)

What should I do? What would you do?! 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Reading Life is in a mess this month!

  1. How can you read more than 1 book at a time? do you switch chapters? or do you start one, find yourself not in the mood, pick a second one (I do this,but I seldom go back to that first).
    As for the song, it’s a nice one -the link worked.
    As for what you should read? the one you’re in the mood for, of course, otherwise reading becomes a chore.

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    1. Haha no I don’t read them all at the same time, it’s more just the different formats, so I usually have two books mentioned in my currently reading list – one paper book and one audiobook for when I’m on the road since I get motion sickness if I try to read a paper book on the road 😊
      Glad that the link worked! Yay 😊
      I think the advice of reading what I want to read is the unanimous reader’s vote, so I think I’m just going to continue reading the YA book that I’ve already started 😊

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