Feisty at Fifty by Sudha Menon – Book Review

Before you all go jump into getting any ideas, I’m not 50 yet. But, that doesn’t stop me from reading books from women who have reached that amazing age and inspire women heading there (like me), and say fear not, 50 is actually really amazing!

I wanted my book to be as cosy as I felt reading it ūüėÄ

I had picked up this book at a whim at the airport last week, and thought it was a steal because it was an author signed book at that! This is my first Sudha Menon read, but after reading this book, I think I want to read all of her other books too now.

Sudha Menon is an Indian journalist turned full time author, who has written some popular non fiction books on women, such as Legacy.¬†Feisty at Fifty,¬†is more like the author’s memoir and her life anecdotes on turning Fifty. And in one word, the essays are simply entertaining!

There were so many chapters that made me laugh out loud- literally, while I read them chomping on my egg Maggi in the office cafeteria. For example, her hilarious experiences with buying sexy lingerie or thongs, or the misadventures of the extended family dinner out. I could see my own family in that story and I’m sure all of us have that, even if we’re not Fifty! Haha

Some stories were heartwarming and inspiring. Such as her story on how she used to do everything out of goodwill but growing¬†older has given her the strength to start saying ‘No’ or asking for a price for her time, because she is worth it. Or about the importance of spending face time (not the app you bum), but real face time with your parents, because no matter how annoying they are, you know you love them and one day they’ll be gone. Her stories on how she turned into her mother when she had a daughter of her own (I could totally relate), or how it can take just a new project for someone to come out of grief, loneliness or depression.

Then there were some stories that made me tear up. Her experiences of losing her father, her strong and beloved father. Or when she saw her mother fall into a sort of loneliness when all her brood were out of the house and¬†after her husband’s death. Or the author’s own feeling of loneliness now that her career was somewhat stable and her own daughter was grown up and had left the nest.

I could agree with most of the author’s opinions or take¬†on things. I’m probably Fifty already I think lol! Although, there¬†were a few chapters in between when I did feel like I was losing my interest, but overall, the book was an entertaining read.

This book is a good one to pick for a book to read on a plane journey or a beach read, especially if you’re in India because it is available in all the Indian bookstores lol. It’s fun and really, you don’t need to be Fifty to be able to enjoy this bookūüėä Happy Reading, or turning Fifty!

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