Slice of Life Tuesday #2 – Being Midge Maisel for a day

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I’ve been watching and fan girling over the Marvelous Mrs Maisel series on Amazon Prime these days. Since I don’t have the luxury to binge watch, I steal time here and there and go through each episode over a span of 2-3 days. I have actually sacrificed my audiobook time in favor of watching this series, that’s how much I’m loving it.

Midge Maisel is my current favorite on-screen fictional heroine. The last time I had a favorite on-screen fictional heroine, it was Detective Kate Beckett from Castle. It has been a long time and a long wait.

I’ve noticed, that every time I find someone I’m inspired with – be it a real person or a fictional character in a book or a movie or a TV show, I invariable try to imitate them in real life. Most of the times I fail at being as amazing as them, but, what it does is change something about me to the people who interact with me on a regular basis. Probably makes me less of a bore? Maybe even amusing at times? 😀

So, I started thinking this morning, if I were Midge Maisel, or if I could borrow her witty brain and charm, if not her enviable waist, for today, this is how I think my conversations or thoughts would have gone:

When on the morning run, I encounter a patch of very smoky road, because people were disposing off garbage by burning them, I’d say, “Thank you guys! For making this a really refreshing and literally breathtaking running experience for me!”

When on the same run, a creepy young guy with a funny moustache and on a bicycle, starts to reverse his route every 2 minutes so he can cross me and turn back and stare at me, I’d say loudly, “So, what’s the verdict? Am I a man with boobs or a woman with a man’s hairdo?”

When my poor flu-ridden-for-the-nth-time husband trudges up to me at breakfast to say he’ll need to take a rain check from work today, I’d give him a hug and say with an adorable smile, “I think the flu has a crush on you, wink

When I’d be feeling as if my day is already over and its only 11 am, I’d somehow magically, have all the energy that Midge Maisel has, to sail through the day at work, at home, with friends and have a late night social drinks night with my extremely funny and sarcastic manager and friends. My toddler daughter would somehow be taken care of too and no one would judge me about spending time away from her to go to work or socialize.

When I have so many meetings on phone calls and so many emails to type, that I’m sitting on my bum for over 3 hours at a stretch, no doing anything fun, I’d think to myself, “At this rate, I’d have given birth to three chickens, had I been sitting on the eggs

Sigh, if only I had your wit and energy, Midge Maisel! On second thoughts, I wouldn’t mind being Susie Myers either – being sarcastic and funny at the same time. These two ladies have made me laugh so much in the last few days, thank you!!

6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday #2 – Being Midge Maisel for a day

    1. There are some big questions that go unanswered such as, where are the kids?! But, if you can ignore that, the chemistry between Midge Maisel and Susie Myers is just superb and very funny. And when they’re not doing stand up, all the supporting cast are equally funny!


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