The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg – Book Review


Woo hoo!! My first book review for December! And what an amazing book I must say. I like to mix up my reading and add a bit of all genres to my reading list. So this was one of the non fictions I read and really enjoyed this year.

I listened to this book on my audible app, and the narration by Mike Chamberlain was very well done too. Even at the speed of 1.5X, I was able to decipher every word and sentence that he spoke while narrating the book.

So here is a short list of what I liked and didn’t like about the book😊

What I liked about the book:

  • Although most of us have been taught or told about the importance of cultivating good habits all through our lives, as we grow older, we lose sight of it really. Some of us are great at keeping good habits, but most of us give in to one temptation or the other. What was different and new for me in this book were the concepts and the case studies to back those concepts. I’m quite excited to give what I learned from this book a shot and try and implement it with regards to cultivating a habit of daily running. Let’s see how that goes😊
  • The structure of the book and chapters were very well put together, which made the overall narration easy to follow
  • The case studies and examples very relevant and relatable and very interesting to read about. They’ll make some great conversation points if you can remember all the names and facts! Haha

What didn’t work for me:

  • Actually, I did enjoy the book overall. Well enough to recommend this to people. I think the only places I got a little bored, were where some case studies were repeated and some that were elaborated for too long. I wish there were more examples that the author had used😊

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts on it and have you tried to use the steps mentioned in the end to try and change any of your habits or try and add a new habit in your life?

2 thoughts on “The Power Of Habit by Charles Duhigg – Book Review

  1. Well, can’t say i read these kinds of books. I’m pretty much fixed on the fantasy genre – as well as some romantic suspence/thrillers. Now, as for adopting new habits. a while back i bought a stationary bike that changed the handle to upright – so a person would jog instead of bike – and for a while i did use it. I still do on occasion, but mostly now a days i only hang my clothes there.

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