WoW- Write on Wednesdays #3

I know, it isn’t Wednesday today. But well, I was busy and the prompt did arrive on Wednesday this week. So, I hope you don’t mind 🙂

So here is Julie’s prompt for this week’s Write on Wednesday, and you can read more on her blog here.

The Prompt

Write A Story Designed To Be Performed Out Loud

My Story:

Once upon a time, in a faraway place, there was a jungle. This jungle was deep and secluded. Not many knew about this jungle or ventured to it. In this jungle, lived a big red and brown dragon. He was the only creature in the whole jungle and never knew that anything other than the trees, grass, insects, water streams, flowers or fruits existed. He thought of himself as ‘The Animal’.

Then one day, while dragon was on his usual walks along the water, something big fell from the sky and crashed on the ground with a big noise! The dragon hopped back a few steps in fright, since he had never heard a sound like that before. When the sound settled, he waited a little while and then slowly approached the object that had fallen from the sky.

When he got a little closer, there was smoke coming out of this object. It looked like nothing he had seen before. Silver in colour, something that came from the sky. He slowly went a little closer to the object and suddenly, another sound- hisssss!! And the object seemed to open its mouth! The dragon was terrified and quickly flew to hide behind a nearby tree. From the thing’s mouth, something tiny and green came out. The dragon thought, that was disgusting. A booger from the mouth! A booger that could walk?

This thing that came out was tiny and had two legs and two arms, but no wings. It didn’t have any hair and had huge eyes. Then it stumbled forward, as if it was hurt and fell on the ground. The dragon didn’t think twice and rushed to help the little thing. He picked up the little thing in his mouth and flew back to his home in the mountain cave. The dragon licked the little green thing and gave it water and some berries to eat. And then fell asleep watching it.

The next morning, the dragon opened its eyes to find himself staring right into the little thing’s big eyes! He nudged him with his nose and the little thing made a sound that sounded like ‘squirt’. The dragon said, ‘grrrr’, and the little thing put one hand on the dragon’s nose and said, ‘squirrrrrtttt’. It seemed to the dragon, that the little thing was happy.

Soon, the dragon and the little thing became a team. They became best friends. The dragon showed him around his vast jungle. They ate together, bathed together, slept together. This went on for a few days. Then one day, the dragon woke up, but couldn’t find the little thing on his side of the cave. He looked around everywhere, but still couldn’t find him. He called out, grrr!! Grrrooooowwwl!! He flew in all directions but couldn’t find the little thing anywhere!

The dragon felt something he had never felt before. It felt as if he was dying. He was in pain, but he wasn’t physically hurt. He had tears in his eyes. He couldn’t eat, and didn’t want to do anything other than lie in his cave and think about his friend. The dragon was alone earlier and then he found a friend. And now he didn’t want to be left alone ever again. It was so much fun to have a friend.

After a few days of being very sad and desolate, the dragon had an idea! He quickly flew down to the place where that silver thing had crashed. It was still there, with its mouth open! The dragon kicked and shoved the silver thing. He used his wings to try and press something round in the silver thing, when suddenly, a light shot out of it and went up in the sky. The dragon looked up in the sky and called out to his friend, ‘grrrooowwwwllll’. But after a while, the light went out. And it was all very silent.

The dragon was defeated. He felt no joy. He was sad that he couldn’t even say good bye to his friend. He was sad that he had found a friend and lost him and didn’t even know how to bring him back. He walked back slowly to his cave. He didn’t know what he would do now. Nothing seemed worthwhile and he felt very lonely.

As he entered his cave, he heard the familiar ‘squirt, squirt’ sound. But he looked around and couldn’t see anything! He must be losing his mind, out of missing his friend so much. He plopped down on the floor and then felt something on the floor. He bent his head a little further down, and picked up something that felt like a toy of him and his little best friend!!! But who made this?! Who else was there in the cave? Who else knew about him and his little best friend?!!

He turned around and then almost jumped with surprise and shock at the same time! Because, right there in front of him, was his little best friend!! But he was wearing something on his head now and waving to him. Dragon was so happy, but so angry at the same time. He had so many questions, ‘why did you leave?’ ‘Did you miss me?’ ‘Are you OK?’ ‘What is that on your head’? And it all came out in a series of ‘GROWWLS’!!

The little green thing slowly walked towards the dragon, and touched his nose. As he had done the first time. And then looked into the dragon’s eyes and nodded something and smiled. This time, there was no ‘squirt’ but something inside the dragon’s mind said, ‘Thank you for saving my life. But I have to go home now, to my family. I will miss you a lot, but I will leave behind something so that you will never be lonely again.’

With that he disappeared and suddenly, the dragon blinked his eyes. Once, twice, and looked around. He was standing in his cave, but it wasn’t his jungle! He slowly stepped towards the mouth of the cave and peered outside, and saw flocks and flocks of dragons like him and unlike him flying around! It was beautiful! The sun was shining, and a rainbow was cast on the waterfall nearby. The dragon couldn’t believe his eyes! And then, another majestic blue-green dragon flew beside him and said, ‘grooowwwllll’, and then soared up in the sky together! The dragon was never alone, and he was never lonely from that day onwards, and lived happily ever after. The end 🙂

P.S. – The characters in this story are inspired by the demands of my two year old. The story is inspired by the million dragon stories that I tell my daughter at night. Lol. I hope you enjoyed it😊 I wanted to post a video of me narrating the story, but I’m so busy that I didn’t think I’d have the time to record and upload something. So maybe, another time… Gnite everyone! And dream of dragons and your best friends! 👭

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