WoW- Write on Wednesdays #1

I’m going to try to follow Julie’s prompts for ‘Write on Wednesdays‘, from StoryADay  to try and write a short story on Wednesdays 🙂 Today’s prompt is to try and write something funny, so here is my first attempt at it. (You can check out her original post for today’s topic here :))


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The alarm on my fitbit goes off. It’s 6:30 am, on a Wednesday morning. I’m really stressing for work today, too many deadlines, meetings and a review call that I absolutely dread going to. But I’m going to put on my superwoman hat, and just get on with the day. How bad can it be really?

8 am: “Roshni! We need to go now sweetheart! Mummy is getting late! Your friends are waiting for you at daycare!”, I say to my 2.5 year old daughter. “Baby Shark! Pleeeeease mummy!! Baby Shark!!”

8:10 am: We have managed to get out the door, after one last round of that dreadful baby shark. Daughter dropped off, I head on to work.

9:00 am: I’ve had the time to eat some golden balls (the cereal, just so you know), and a coffee. First meeting of the day, marked as highly important and mandatory for all participants to attend.

9:15 am: I was the only one on the call. No idea where everyone else was. Not sure if I was happy about not having to attend this very important meeting, or if I was annoyed that I was probably the least important person attending the meeting..hmm

10:00 am: Next meeting, 2 hour face to face team meeting. I want to put my best foot forward. My boss is here. I’m going to ask all the right questions and make an amazing impression.

10:30 am: I’m zoning out.

12:00 pm: The meeting ended, thank God! I couldn’t come up with a single thing to say, other than laugh at the right moments, like those extras in the background of a live TV show.

2:00 pm: Third meeting of the day. Weekly project status call. The kinds that are used for managers to fill in their diaries with to justify the hours billed at work. All the managers join in and discuss timelines. It sounds exactly the same as what the status was last week. No wait, a color on the powerpoint presentation has changed. Progress.

3:00 pm: Tea! Tea! I love best friend and companion for keeping my eyes open in the afternoons. I also decided I needed chocolate today. To bolster my courage for the review call. I have been preparing for this and dreading this since Monday. Now finally, it will be over in two hours, and I’ll be free!

4:00 pm: Well that was a waste of time. The call went ahead, but the other key presenter never showed up. What is it with people scheduling meetings and not turning up?! Ugh. Now I need to come back all over again for this review next week. Rotten luck.

5:30 pm: Best time of the day. Picking up my daughter from daycare. She’s like an excited little puppy at this time of the day, when she sees me. I love her 🙂 Awww moment.

6:00 pm: The aww moment has been replaced by embarrassment and frustration now. Daughter has spent the last half hour collecting leaves from the ground, and then throwing them back on the ground. Ah the effort of being a toddler. I’m all about cleaning the roads and dirtying them again, as long as I didn’t have my 10 kilo backpack with the world’s heaviest laptop lugged on my back. While cleaning and dirtying, she also decided that some random man looked interesting enough to be stared at, and then to be pointed at with a question to mummy, “What is that, mummy?” (Note: Not who, but what). I smile, the mom-apologetic smile that I give to strangers, which means, ignore her, she’s got toddler syndrome.

9:00 pm: “Mummy!! I want to watch you go wee wee!!”, shouts my toddler. I open the door of the bathroom, and let her in. She marvels at the way I go wee wee. Never mind that she has been marveling at the way I go wee wee for over a month now.

9:10 pm: “Papa!! I want to watch you go wee wee!!”, shouts my toddler, when I tell her papa is in the bathroom. “No Roshni, you can only see mummy go wee wee”, I reason with her. “But whyyyyyyy???”. Oh, why did I forget that you can’t tell the truth to a toddler? “Its because papa has traveled into a time portal to fight some monsters and he needs to do it alone, to keep Roshni safe”. She nods intelligently. Maybe she understands what a time portal is. My baby is a genius! I can retire early!! Hmm..

11:20 pm: I’m tired and ready to call it a day. But I also want to write about something funny. I just can’t seem to think of a story yet. I wonder what would be really funny now 😉


So, that was my attempt at trying to write something funny. Also based on true facts that occurred in my life today, I promise 😀 Did you think it was at least slightly funny? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this post:) Happy Wednesday!!


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