This is my September..

Taking a cue from one of my favourite Linkin Park song – My December, although not as sad or serious 😀

Bring it on September!!

So, September is a special month for me. I am slightly narcissistic by nature and it is the month I was born in, therefore, I love trying to make big plans for the whole month and make it special  or different from the other months. So, as always, I have big plans, and big goals for this month. Whether I will be able to achieve even half of it, I don’t know. But I believe in planning and having goals, because only then will I at least reach somewhere, rather than nowhere.

So, these are my lofty goals for the month (and these are excluding my birthday celebration, yeah days ;))

  • Participate in Story A Day- September – I found this lovely group in May earlier this year, actually quite late in May, but loved the fact that you get a prompt daily and you can write a short story around that prompt and practise your writing that way. So, I have signed up for the September one too. The plan is to try and write daily for all the prompts. I might use early morning, or office tea break time or post dinner time for this project. So far, I have managed to write on just one prompt, but I plan to write on today’s prompt and maybe if I get more time any day, I might combine two prompts. I will give you a status of how many days I was able to stick to in a follow up post in October 🙂 If you are interested in checking this group out too, you can go to this link


  • Try out a new diet plan – I have been trying to lose my post pregnancy weight since the last two years now. For people like me, who are prone to laziness when it comes to exercising regularly, or who are terrible at dieting because we live to eat, weight loss plans are a struggle. So this month, on the encouragement of a colleague, I signed up for the 5:2 diet plan, just to try it out for a month and see if there are any results. I am also planning to continue my evening runs or walks (just 20 minute walks or runs basically), along with some home exercises for the abs. When I started this month, my weight was 71.5 kgs. Again, I will post an update on whether I lost anything at all in October 😀


  • Complete the 4 in 4 reading challenge with my OSS YA book club buddies – This would have been an easy one to do, had this been the only thing on my agenda. But with all the other plans and distractions of Netflix and YouTube, this might actually be a challenge. Also, I’ve ordered 4 other books via Book Depository and Amazon that I’m really excited to read this month, so I hope I can finish these books and the others that I’ve ordered this month- a lofty task indeed! Lol! 😀
books school stacked closed
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I’ve got the usual things to do this month, like sending my friends their birthday gifts, writing to my pen friends. There is also a chance that my husband will have to travel for work later in the month, so that will mean additional toddler and home duties for me 🙂 All this in addition to my regular 9:5 job..woo hoo! I’m excited!!

Do you guys think I will be able to achieve my goals? What are your goals for September? I loved reading Tammy’s article on her September goals here 🙂 Do post in your September or even general goals or links to your blog posts in the comments 🙂 I’d love to get some inspiration.

Psst! Also, have you heard Troy Sivan’s latest album, ‘Bloom’?!! Man, I might be his mother’s age, but I love his music!! Is that odd? 😀


9 thoughts on “This is my September..

      1. Well, on the previous pregnancy, it took me only one year, so on this last one, i was despairing by two.When i started finally losing the extras after three and a half year – no diet – i was static.

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      2. once they grow a little, you forget your reservations. there’s about six years between my first and second. then you start wondering if you had a bolt of insanity.. and then the third comes along and you have bits of sanity here and there.

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