Types of Hosts/Hostesses

I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump since finishing The Hazel Wood last week. So I have slowed down my reading, but I have my hopes up for Widows of Malabar Hill, since the book has just started building up my interest. But more on that later, in my review post:)

In the meanwhile, we have been spending weekends on social engagements. When you have friends with kids, and have a kid of your own, weekend visits need to be fixed weeks in advance. It also doesn’t help if your friends are scattered away around the country and visiting them is a whole day affair! I’m not complaining though, since I love meeting old and new friends, talking to people face to face (no I like reading alone at home more, but you do need to talk to real people to avoid becoming a robot :D), and seeing my daughter have fun with other kids. It is so cute to see toddlers play together!

And it was because of all this socialising, hosting and being hosted at our friends’ place, that I wondered, if hosting was an art, or if it was a personality trait? Maybe you guys can help me answer that? πŸ˜‰

Here is a list of the different types of hosts that I have identified. Which one do you identify with? Or have I missed any others? πŸ˜‰ Would love to hear your experiences with hosting or being hosted too! All the more fun..:D

Number One:Β The Show Offs

These are the hosts who really believe in doubling their joy by sharing (I mean showing, cough) their latest acquisitions to their friends. Maybe via a house warming party in their huge mansion of a house, or maybe to have a book club, right next to their new book shelf, or maybe offering to drop the guests off in their new car, etc. etc. They are really modest, when you compliment them on the obvious, though. After all, ‘sharing (I mean showing) is caring’ πŸ˜€

Number Two: The Over Planner

That’s me by the way, in case you’re curious. These are the hosts who are Pinterest followers with zero skills. Having a dinner party for six? Ok, let me check Pinterest for awesome cocktail ideas, and canopes, and dinner recipes, and we need to buy all these things from the grocery store. Lighting, new bedsheets, new hand towels, new plates and glasses, fresh flowers (even if you’re allergic to them)- the works. Planning starts a week earlier. Preparation starts the night before. Lo and Behold, it is 6 pm on the day of the party and nothing is ready. Breakdown takes place, followed by calm partner’s suggestion to order in. Showered and two drinks down, guests are served lots of alcohol and takeaway. No one complains because everyone is drunk..win win! lol

Number Three: The Perfectionist (aka so good you want to hire them)

These are the hosts with talent. And I mean serious talent. They put everyone else to shame with their hosting skills. They can produce a magical feast with a pumpkin πŸ˜‰ They’re always ready on time, their home looks ready, clean and welcoming when you arrive, the food is remarkable and basically- you can’t find a fault. Really bad for the Over Planners like me. By the time the night ends, you’re happy but also super anxious about inviting them over, since you know you can’t match their hosting skills. So you take them out to a fancy restaurant instead..ahem

Number Four: The Garfields

These hosts forgot to come out of the dazed sixties. They believe in One Love, World Peace, and peace in general. That means, not taking any stress at all. Hosting is stressful- c’mon, really. So there is no point in stressing, or planning, or preparing. Their house is well, not a mess, but umm, more of the sitting on the floor in a circle kinds. This is good for community spirit and really comfortable (make sure not to wear tight dresses to their place). There will be a huge bowl of punch with straws for everyone to sip in from. And a huge bowl of Dorritos, with sour cream- lots of it. There will be Pink Floyd playing in the background, and the children can watch cartoons in the other room or run around and create a mess, because what is a mess within a mess really? We all gather and talk, about world peace, and the art of chilling. Someone plays the guitar. Its a mellow evening. We eat Dorritos for dinner and drink punch. Not bad eh..

Number Five: The Ready-For-All-Calamities

Remember Monica from friends? She was hot, wasn’t she? Sorry, that wasn’t the point. So know those people who have this urge for everything to be a certain way or in a certain place and are also really kind? I know a few, sometimes I’m one of them too (maybe not the kind one)Β πŸ˜‰ These are the hosts, who will be ready with super clean carpet spray even before your toddler has spilled all her strawberry yogurt on the carpet. Or who will ensure everyone has a plate and their own glass, and their own straw- even the kids. You can be assured that you will never catch a bug or eat old food at their place, because everything will be clean and all the food will be fresh. The entertainment for the evening will have a schedule of games and conversation topics, so there really isn’t any scope for boredom, (or spontaneity), is there..haha. But this is great for the over planners and the perfectionist hosts. Not so sure about the Garfields though..haha

So which one are you? Did I miss any? I don’t mean any offense to anyone from this post- also I love all my friends and all the people who have invited me and fed me at their homes. Just something for fun and to chat about πŸ˜€ I hope you guys enjoyed this πŸ˜€ Now, back to reading…


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