No Plain Rebel by M.C. Frank- ARC Book Review

If you remember, I had written a review here about No Ordinary Star, written by author M.C. Frank, and was raving about this short and very interesting book- the first of her trilogy.

And now, I have been lucky enough to be able to read the second book of the trilogy, so soon – No Plain Rebel. Again, thank you M.C. Frank, for sharing a copy of your books for an honest review 🙂


A quick recap on where we are with the story (without any spoilers :)):

It is almost year 2525, and something big is going to happen. Felix, the handsome ‘tin man’ and Astra, the fiery red headed ‘match girl’ have met in the first book and are still together, trying to figure out what the truth is and how they can save each other and the world as it is. Amidst all this, there are all these ‘Old World’ things that they discover together, almost like they are babies and have been born again. No Plain Rebel continues their story…

As I had desired, the second book keeps up with the momentum and excitement of the first, while also providing more details on what the current world is like, who the Council is and what they want or what their plan is for humankind, and what the future would look like. We learn about Astra and Felix’s past and why the Clock master chose them. The second book is a perfect continuation to the first that helps answer a lot of questions I had, and ends with the perfect bang/build up for the finale.

So, here are the things I loved about the second book in the trilogy:)

  • More on the dystopian future that seems really scary, since it sounds so plausible! (Shudder)
  • Astra and Felix!!! :-*
  • The amount of research the author has done on the subject of time, colonies, and other literature references to Homer, Iliad- I love books which have references to literature or other books
  • Again, the length of the book is short and can be easily read in a day

I can’t wait to read the final conclusion to this very interesting science fiction trilogy! I would recommend anyone who is interested in science fiction or likes stories involving dystopian settings such as Brave New World, 1984 or Fahrenheit 451. Have you read these books? What were your thoughts?

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