Books to Movies – My List #1

I was browsing through YouTube movies to rent and watch, when I suddenly came across Red Sparrow, and remembered that this was a movie I wanted to watch, but also remembered that I wanted to read the book first and then watch the movie.

So, in a frenzy, I started updating my ‘lists’ (yeah, I am the list kind of person, I like making a lot of different, and added this one for Books to Movies- List #1, since obviously, this will get updated as and when more movies and books come out.

Also, I thought this would be a fun post and I’d love to hear your thoughts on books you’ve read that were made into movies, whether you preferred the books to the movies, or vice versa, whether you’re waiting to read the book before watching the movie, and any recommendation that I have not added to my list below!!! 🙂

As a habit, I usually try to make sure that I read the book first, since most of the times, the book is so much better than the movie and you don’t get stuck with the casting of the movie then, if you the read the book afterwards. Also, there are fewer spoilers..hehe

There are books on my list like Red Sparrow, Ready player One, Crazy Rich Asians, to name a few, where I am still waiting to read the book before watching the movie and others where I have read the book but haven’t watched the movie (Love, Simon for example)- those books are not featured in the list in this post. However, if you have any recommendations on the above, I’m all ears! 😀

Prachi’s list of books she has read that were made into movies

  • Harry Potter series – But of course, the list has to begin with the book and series that have my heart. I love the books, read the books first but also surprisingly loved the movies. It is strange, but I’m afraid to re-read the books, but can watch the movies a gazillion times! Anyone else out there like me?
  • The Hunger Game series – Read the books first and then watched the movies as they came out. I really enjoyed the books, and the movies were alright, but Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen was a great choice
  • The Twilight series – Oh my god, somebody kill me please. This was a strange one, since I watched the first twilight movie first and didn’t even know it was based on a book. When I found out, I read all the books in a go, and then watched the movies as and when they came out. I have mixed feelings about this one, because this is one of those books and movies, that I enjoyed when I read/watched them when I was younger, but now it just seems hilarious
  • Pride and Prejudice – Absolutely love the book, one of my all time favourite, with my favourite heroine. But there have been many movie and even TV series adaptations of the book, so it is hard to compare. But if I have to pick, I’d vote for the movie where Kiera Knightly plays Liz Bennett 🙂
  • The fault in our stars – One of my favourite John Green and YA books, but oh my gosh, the movie was so hard to watch!! I was crying when I was 30 minutes into the movie and couldn’t finish the movie 😦
  • Wonder – So cute, so cute, so cute!!! If you have kids, you are bound to cry tears of joy reading the book, as well as watching the movie. Just simple, kind and brilliant
  • Memoirs of a Geisha – I liked the book much more than the movie. Also, I felt that the book had a sadder but more realistic ending than the movie. However, the movie does bring some of the colours and beauty of being a Geisha into light, which I really appreciated
  • Bridget Jones’ Diary – For this one, I watched the movie long before I read the book. And this is one of those cases where I loved the movie (I loved Rene Zellwegger as Bridget and Colin Firth as Darcy) more than the book. The book is funny too, but it is written as a diary, so I kept thinking of the movie all the time, while reading it
  • Eat, Pray, Love – Again, huge fan of Julia Roberts and had watched the movie before the book. However, I enjoyed both. The movie more, because the book seemed to drag a little in the India- Pray parts, and the movie had made it more bearable 🙂
  • Angels and Demons, Da Vinci Code, Inferno – I preferred the books to the movies for this one too. Although I love Tom Hanks and he is a great actor, I felt you don’t get the same thrill of discovery from the movies as you get while reading the books

So, that concludes the first version of my list – of books I’ve read that were made into movies and what I thought of the movie version 🙂 Would love to hear your thoughts and books you’ve read that were made into movies as well 🙂

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