Thank you, Readers!! :)

I keep telling myself, its no big deal. There are bloggers who have many more readers, so calm down Soldier! 🙂

But who am I kidding?!? I saw this update on my WordPress notification and I was overjoyed! And it is all thanks to you guys.

I think I am slightly fatter than this bitmoji, but I’m working on it..hehe

I have been blogging since a long time, starting almost 10 years back with my travelogue on BlogSpot to now writing a mix of travel, books and thoughts on my self hosted WordPress site. Initially, the blogs started out as a diary that I wrote for myself. But over the years, since all my friends and family were scattered across the globe, I thought this would be a good way to keep everyone informed about what I was up to (I stopped posting much on Facebook long time back). I hadn’t realised that none of my friends or family really intended to read my long blogs, lol. I don’t blame them, I give updates to the ones who are really close to me, over emails and phone calls anyway 😉

But what was surprising was having absolute strangers read my articles and like them! I mean, like them!! I won’t lie, every ‘like’ feels great. It makes me happy. But I keep reminding myself, that I shouldn’t write for the likes or the comments or the follows, and should be true to my original objective of writing- to give joy to myself.

But having readers like you, like my articles and follow my blog, is like the icing on the cake (and I really like my icing..hehe- too many Likes in this sentence, I apologise guys, but I am gushing with emotion right now and my grammar is all over the place). So, thank you, readers, who I hope to become friends with over the years or at least come to know a little more, and who I hope to keep interested in reading my posts. Thank you for taking time to read my blogs and for appreciating my efforts- it means the world to me:)

7 thoughts on “Thank you, Readers!! :)

  1. Congratulations! And it IS a big deal and a great achievement. I celebrated my 100 followers a few weeks ago, and was wondering whether I was being silly for doing so. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not even a bleep on the register. But like you, I went for it, because every single person who reads our posts is awesome. ❤

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