Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda- Book Review

How awesome is it that I read this book during the Pride month, without even being aware this was LGBT celebration month?! I found out when I mentioned to a pen pal that I read this book and she said, she had been reading a lot of LGBT themed books to celebrate this month, so yay!!


I don’t think I need to give any details about the book, since it has already been made into a movie (which I can’t wait to watch), and is basically about a high school kid’s love story and his relationships with his friends, and family. Now I know, there is the coming out angle as well, but I thought to myself, that if I take out the fact that being gay is being different than straight people, then, its really a very normal story, about two people who like each other but are afraid to disclose their identities to each other in the fear that the other may not like them in reality 🙂 Hence, they email- which I loved, by the way 🙂

It was a fun, entertaining and very fast read, so a good breezy summer read book.

Here are some things I enjoyed in the book:

  • The emails between Jacques and Blue- Ooh, I love the concept of falling for someone via emails, because then looks don’t come into the picture first. Very you’ve got mail kind of vibe:)
  • This book reminded me a lot of Wonder- where the central character was going through something that only he could understand, but had very supportive school teachers, friends and family. Very happy vibe in the book. Even the bullies can’t sully the mood of the book/story
  • These two quotes from the book, that were my favorite, and I feel are valid for all ages and everyone I guess


Things that didn’t work for me:

  • The story in itself- I mean, yes, it is about the struggle of coming out, but we find out eventually, that it wasn’t really such a big deal for either of the kids involved 🙂 Their parents and friends were all supportive and didn’t make it seem odd at all. So if we take that bit out of the book’s plot, then it just is about a few days in high school and a secret identity kind of love story, not much depth in it, especially when you read it right after The Alice know, I know, different genres, and I have no right to compare apples and oranges really- true 🙂
  • Oh man, Simon really annoyed me. I know he is the central character in the book, but he really came across as a little self centered to me in the book. Anyone else feel that way? I know my pen friend felt that way, for sure:)

Favorite Characters: Abby and Simon’s parents

What were your thoughts on this book? Have you read any better love stories featuring LGBT leading characters that you would recommend to me?

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