Book review: Saving the World by Paola Diana

My overall reaction to this book: Very informative

Genre: Non fiction/Feminism

‘Saving the world- Women: The 21st Century’s Factor for change’ was another book which was not on my usual TBR list, but was sent as a request to review for a blog tour by the author’s media representative organisation:) I hadn’t heard about the author previously and immediately did a research on Google to check her other works. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Paola Diana is an accomplished entrepreneur and women’s rights activist from Italy and just for this reason, I was really glad I had a chance to read this book and receive a copy of it from the media house.


The book is concise and very factual. If you are researching for creating a case for women’s rights, or writing an essay on why feminism is important or just want to be more informed about the reality of the condition many women suffer globally, then this is a very helpful book to read. It is full of facts and examples from all countries around the globe, and it has a lot of examples of women who have been working hard, and risking their reputation and life to work towards other women’s emancipation. Reading the book gave me a sense of pride belonging to a generation where women are working together to help each other.

The book has many interesting stories from way back in history to the present day and age, of women who worked together or alone and were able to come out of oppression and change the lives of other women too.

The book does read as part manifesto as well, since the author gives us the status, and facts first and then in each chapter, urges the readers, men and women both to not just read the book and learn about things, but also try and do something about it- either by creating awareness, updating bills with the Government around women’s right to vote and work, supporting women’s rights NGOs, working in daily lives to improve our own status and conditions and never giving up.

She also has this uncomfortable chapter which mentions how we all are aware of the suffering millions of women face today at the back of our minds, and yet, are indifferent or try to act indifferent towards it or ignorant towards it, either due to fear or our own lives or due to fear of losing the comfortable position some of us are in. I know I am guilty of it- I try to avoid reading news of the continual harassments women in India go through, just because I feel helpless and stressed out and sometimes think, ignorance is alright, isn’t it? But I am a woman and I have been part of the #MeToo movement too, and now I have a daughter and I fear for her safety and her rights. So as a mother and a woman, I need to be aware and try and contribute in any way possible. This book motivated me to act and that is why it makes a good book to read.

The author might do a blog book tour and I have attached the banner of the schedule below, where she might do a guest blog or a Q&A. I have posted a review on my blog as part of the blog tour, but do check out the other blogs for reviews and excerpts if interested.

Saving the World

If you have read this book or know about the author, I would love to read about your thoughts on the book too. Please leave a link of your book review blog post in the comments section if you would like me to read your reviews. Happy Friday and weekend guys!!

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