All things reading this week

This week has seen my reading obsession take a whole new level. I can’t believe it, but all I can think about is reading, how to read more, how to discuss about my books with other people more and how to encourage the love of reading with everyone. It’s funny, that as soon as I saw my passion being rekindled, its almost as if all the stars were working to introduce me to different parts of reading! I do have to thank Anne Bogel for being my inspiration this week- I am obsessed with her blogs and podcast and book recommendations currently!

Books and reading are constantly on my mind, even while I am at my 9-5 job. This isn’t a good thing for my job, but I feel as if someone out there is telling me or showing me what my real passion is, and how to start achieving it or revel in it. While I was smack in the middle of a crazy work week and feeling really frustrated, I went to take a water break and on my way back, I noticed two things- 1) A guy who had all sorts of Harry Potter souvenirs on his desk and was coding away to glory and 2) an old colleague who sits right next to me, but who had a new book on his desk, called Armageddon. Now I didn’t want to disturb the coder, but I was really happy to see another reader sitting right next to me! I had noticed that he would have a new paper book almost every week and they had been mostly books on war subjects, such as Dunkirk and now Armageddon. So I just asked him about it, casually and I instantly noticed his eyes light up! He really wanted to talk about his affinity for books and told me he loves to read about history. I learned from him that history does repeat itself and that based on the real life based books he has read, the biggest killer of people have been politicians or rulers and not epidemics or natural hazards! He also told me about this little store which sells books at a steal and that it was easier for him to buy books at 2 pounds than to rent them from the library, since he always forgot to return them on time and ended up paying a fine of 4 pounds at times! was the best 15 minutes of my day- talking to him about books and everything reading related:)

Then, I discovered another amazing blogger – Anne Bogel, through a podcast I listen to- on ‘The best of both worlds‘ and I also discovered Anne Bogel has another amazing podcast called ‘What should I read Next‘! I am really wondering now, a week later that how is it that I hadn’t known of this podcast or this author and blogger sooner! I’m just hooked and have been binge listening to the previous podcast episodes and reading all her blog posts(@Modern Mrs Darcy), at least as much as I can, with the time that I can find along with home chores, work and toddler duty:) I had my own reading goal for this year, but now I’ve added Anne Bogel’s reading challenge for 2018 to my list as well. Like Laura Vanderkam, Anne Bogel has become another inspiration to me. I am just in awe of both these women and how they manage their passions, relationships and 4 kids!! I barely feel like I am keeping abreast with one child, a job I dont enjoy much and trying to make time for things I actually enjoy, like reading and writing! But, because of these women, I’ve been inspired to read more, write more and do more with my life. So a big thanks to them!

Library lockscreen
This amazing wallpaper from Anne Bogel’s 2018 Reading Challenge Kit! Love it:)

And finally, I am so happy to say that I got a library membership at my local library for my daughter and me, after years! When I was a kid, there wasn’t easy access to books I would like to read. Plus I didn’t have the money to buy or order any either. So the school library or the city libraries used to be my favorite places to go to. I get goosebumps every time I visit a book store and I never leave a bookstore without buying a book or a journal or even a pen. And it used to be the same with the libraries during my childhood. I have been introduced to all the authors and books I loved, due to the library and I’m grateful for that- The Enid Blyton books, Heidi, Malory Towers, Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, The famous Five series, Agatha Christie books, Micheal Crichton’s books, John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer..the list is endless. I used to devour books and almost live in the But over the years, with the fact that I had started earning money, the advent of amazon and kindle, library visits and memberships became few and far between. But that is going to change now, with this step and I’m very excited! I also started my own Facebook page- For the love of reading (@starryeyedenigma), just to spread the message on the joy books and reading give me and to encourage others to read more. If nothing else, at least I know I tried and it will have a timestamp of me trying to share my passion with my friends.

My library membership!! Yay!
My Facebook Page Cover- a picture of all the books I read since 2017:)

So lots of exciting things going on with reading so far in life. I’m also currently reading Anne Bogel’s Reading People and really enjoying it:) What have your reading experiences been like? Have you met anyone lately who likes to read in a different way- go to a library or prefers audiobooks, or kindle? What is your preferred way of reading and who has inspired who lately, to read more?


2 thoughts on “All things reading this week

  1. I’m a library person myself, but that’s because I can’t afford to buy books. Our late fees are usually only 35 cents. Which is nothing really, so I don’t have to worry about late fees. Although, at some point, I did acquire $5 of late fees because I was too lazy to drive to return the books hahaha.
    This week though, or last week rather, I discovered the usefulness of E-Books. I was against it for so long because it’s not as intimate as a physical copy, but it was convenient to drag around while I waited for my meetings and on my work breaks.

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    1. That’s so true isn’t it? About the flexibility of an ebook? However I’ll always be a paper book girl at heart.. but one needs to adapt a little with times too I guess 😊


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