Book Review: Life, the Universe, and Everything by Douglas Adams

My Rating: 3 Stars

Book & Author: Life, the Universe and Everything

Genre: Science fiction/humour

A snapshot from the kindle app on my phone 🙂

My first book review of 2018 and I’m a little disappointed that this wasn’t a 4 star like I had hoped it to be. Nevertheless, I am biased, since this is Douglas Adams and even this book made me crack up many times while reading it, so I would still recommend it to Douglas Adams fans!

However, if you are reading a Douglas Adams for the first time, please start with the first book of the series, because that is how you will fall in love with his concept of taking it easy!

I didn’t highlight any memorable texts in this book, so there will not be any quotes to mention on this blog, mainly because unlike the first two books, I didn’t find any new pieces of wisdom in this book. The story of this book (without any spoilers) starts to focus on Arthur’s adventures in the Universe and trying to avoid a disaster of epic proportions, than the usual food for thought, that were present in his previous two books, in my opinion. The book is, still very funny though.

All our favourite characters return in this book- Marvin, Arthur, Ford, Trillian, Beeblebrox, Slartibartfast (my gosh what tongue twisters!), so a lot to look forward to, for Douglas Adams fans. Also, a lot to look forward to for the fans of Cricket..wink!

I read most of this book alternating between my kindle during dinner, and my kindle app during lunch at work- and it kept me very good meal company, I must say. I was laughing like a mad person during lunch, sitting by myself with a big meal and staring at my phone, which made people at work very! So, recommended read if you’re looking for a light and funny book to pick up and definitely recommended for Douglas Adams fans!

What is everyone else reading in January? Any thoughts on the art of flying or the pointlessness of driving oneself mad, in order to stay sane? Wink!

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