Last book review of 2017!- Wonder by R J Palacio

My Rating: 4 Stars

Book & Author: Wonder/ R J Palacio

Genre: Children’s fiction

Last book of 2017 read on the last day of 2017! Isn’t that amazing? I have to say, I’m feeling quite teary eyed writing this review though. The memories of a sensational year, the fact that my little daughter is growing up so fast, the hope of all the new things I will get to experience in the new year and add to all this- this book.

The story of this book is quite simple. It is about a wonderful boy, who just looks different from the way we are used to seeing other human beings. It is about him, his struggles, but not just that. It is also the story of all the people who are in his life, how they help him and how he helps them in return. It is a book about courage, innocence, love and above all- kindness. I can’t wait to watch the movie now, and I’m sure I will need a whole box of tissues to get me through the movie, because I cried a lot towards the end of the book- tears of happiness! 🙂

My favorite quote from the book was Auggie’s precept in the end:

I think everyone should get a standing ovation once in their life, because everyone overcometh the world

I will definitely buy this book in a paperback for my daughter to read, once she is old enough to read books like these, because I want her to be like Auggie, Jack and Summer- kind and beautiful human beings:) A brilliant book written on a very sensitive subject, but with a very simple message really- choose kindness, because we are capable of kindness.

So, on that note, I finished my 2017 reading challenge. Although, I wasn’t able to complete my reading challenge of 24 books, I did manage to come close by reading 22 amazing books this year. Now that 2017 reading is out of the way, I can’t wait to start compiling a reading list for 2018! How was your year in reading this year? I would love to hear any recommendations you have, that I should consider adding to my 2018 reading list:)

Now, I’ve got to go get ready for my new year eve party and I hope you all have a great last day of the year too! Party hard, stay safe, happy and healthy:) And thank you so much for taking time to read my blogs and liking my blogs. It means a lot to me:)

Until my next blog entry, which might just be tomorrow! hahah


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