#Bossypants- Life with the new boss

I was promoted a year back and was moved into a new project and a new role, considering some miraculous capability I had developed from the promotion to take on new responsibilities, that I wasn’t aware of myself.

Before I started, my current boss informed me this will be a great opportunity. Time to learn and grow as an individual. This new project apparently was something a lot of people were after- very sought after, and yet challenging. Peers informed me, via gossip, that the new boss is appreciative but also very demanding, so I’d better have all my energy ready and try to prepare as much as possible in advance.

So, here has been the story so far, and I have to say, I am still struggling:

Months 1-3: Very excited to meet new boss!!! But new boss seems to be very upset with everyone, including me. Find out that the new boss is a very accomplished female herself. She has worked her way into this world and her current position through many sleepless nights and yelling at people and getting her work done one way or the other. I realise quickly, she is very clever and manages people very well. Everyone adores her and is also terrified of her- how does one achieve this? Should try and take notes soon.

Months 4-7: I feel so tired all the time! Although there is so much learning in this new project, I feel like I’m always falling behind! Some of my team members are really supportive, but there are many others who are so competitive! Always giving me unsolicited advice about how to be a better performer, and how to do my job better..ugh, really didn’t ask for all of this. Also, the requirements in the new project were very dynamic. Just last month, I was getting used to my boss’s demands and schedules and the objectives of the project, and now, everything has changed again! I have to adjust to a whole new set of routines and demands and requirements! I give up on my ego and take help from every person and artefact I can think of. I read self help books and join facebook groups and ask colleagues and peers to help me out

Months 8-12: I start seeing some improvement in my work and see distinctive changes in my boss. Although she is still very demanding, she has become more accepting of me as well. She comes to me when she needs something done, and that says a lot. Although, it makes things more demanding for me, I hardly have time or energy to lose all that weight I gained due to all the stress eating because my boss doesn’t sleep and won’t let me sleep either!

Months 12- to Present: Just when I thought things were turning to somewhat like a normal routine with all the errands and I was able to figure out all my boss’s tantrums and habits and schedules of deliverables, Bang! She changes.. without any warning at all! And to top that, she starts falling ill. Frequently, very frequently. Well, to admit , it was my idea to ask her to try some new places , spend time time outdoors and move to a different country to take some of her stress out. Didn’t know that it meant I would have to travel too and deal with all the illnesses! Now I have to work twice as hard because when my boss is ill, she becomes a werewolf. Turns into a scary howling creature every night, who won’t sleep and keeps me terrorised enough to not want to sleep either. Therefore – boss is werewolf and I am a zombie. We make a good pair. I did try to delegate some of my work to my partner , he knows my new boss almost like family by now. But it seems my boss is hell bent on having me as her crutch when she’s ill.

Hmm.. what I don’t understand is, how does she manage to be so lovable and cute and adorable inspite of all this?! How is it that every time I look at her smile or her tired face while sleeping, I realise how much I love her and admire her resilience. And how inspite of all my complaints and whining , I wouldn’t exchange her for any other boss or in this case – toddler in the world! Hahah yeah, got you didn’t I?! I think my 1.5 year old toddler is a bossy pants but she is my adorable bossypants and I can only pray that she gets well soon and hope that I’m doing an ok enough job as her employee to help her grow to be an admired and kind woman eventually😊

Do you have a bossypants child too? How do you manage the other job that pays you and find me time with a bossy baby?😊

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