My experiences at the hair salon- the long and short of it

Everyone knows how difficult it is to be a woman. I’m not even talking about all the serious issues like equality, safety, freedom, biological clock, etc etc. I’m talking about the not-so-serious-but-very-important part that comes with being a woman- grooming! Yes, I can hear all the collective sighs from my fellow women friends and readers😏 I won’t even go down the full body grooming discussion here because that’s a whole article or maybe even a book (doesn’t The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf already cover that?) hehe

No, this post is just about my day at the hair salon this weekend- and what happens here always happens to me, every time I visit a hair salon. So here goes :

Previous day– Call and book appointment for hair cut. Booking lady asks all sorts of important questions about name and length of hair and the president of the United States ( no she didn’t ask that, but she could’ve)

Day of the hair cut– Schedule baby sitting arrangement with husband for an hour. I mean how long can it take to get a hair cut? Definitely not more than an hour? (Will realise later how badly mistaken)

Hair cut day, appointment time at 11:45 am– I’m ushered in by a very well groomed lady at the reception to a seat which says ‘diagnostics’. Yes I’m not kidding, it did say diagnostics. I’m asked if I want my jacket taken or would like some tea or coffee or water, but I’m very nervous because of impending ‘diagnostics’, hence decline politely.

12 pm– I’ve checked my phone and stared at my frizzy hair and my double chin and my pimples and am bored now. Everyone around me is super busy and is getting a hair cut. I think, what’s the point of making an appointment for 11:45 when no one has come to my diagnostics even 15 minutes later? I’m a mom for gods sakes and every minute is precious! Just when I start fidgeting around looking for someone to raise my concerns with, another very well groomed hair dresser comes to me and apologises for being late and says we’ll just get you shampooed and then start..thank God!:)

12:30 pm– Oh my the shampooing was so relaxing! I wish I had someone to shampoo my hair like that every day! I wanted to sleep on that shampoo chair so badly! If only I could lol .. anyway the pretty hairdresser is back and moves me to a different chair. Apparently diagnostics was not required. She removes my hair tie and says, “so what would we like today?”

Me, “I’m tired of my hair, can you cut is short please?”

Pretty hairdresser, “Ohh! Are you sure? You have nice hair and maybe we can trim it a little and thin it so it’s more manageable?”

Me, very nervously, because didn’t want to upset the pretty hairdresser for some reason, “Umm actually I have had a trim two weeks back that I paid 20 bucks for it looks the same to me. So I’d really like it to be short please”

Pretty hairdresser sighs but relents slightly. After 10 minutes of bargaining on the length of my hair, we agree on it being shoulder length- not too long , yet not too short.

12:45 pm– Hair cut starts and I ask if I can get some fringes too? I think I might have crossed a line since pretty hairdresser says, “Maybe we should let you get used to the length first and then you can always come back next week for fringes” Note to self, maybe will cut a lock of hair next week to get some fringes myself😉

1 pm– Hair cut done! Wow! I can go now! I was so hungry anyway, can’t believe it didn’t take too long! So I look expectantly at the pretty hairdresser and she says, “Yep, let me just blow dry your hair first”, with a smile.

1:30 pm– Still here, on the chair. Why? Why? I’m so hungry and scared to say anything to upset the pretty hairdressers. So I brave on. They’re putting some multiple creams and sprays and using blow driers and different types of combs and brushes and straighteners to dry my hair. No idea why. In between I’m also asked if I use any salon products- I don’t know what they mean. So I say, “Yes I shampoo and also use conditioner”! I don’t think that is the right answer, since I am given a tutorial on the importance of using salon shampoo and conditioners , anti frizz before blow dry cream, anti frizz sleek shine post blow dry spray, hair serum and some other very scientific sounding products. I wonder, the reason I’m getting my hair cut short is so that I don’t have to spend that much time washing and drying and styling my hair- major communication gap somewhere😊

1:45 pm– Over finally! Yay! The pretty hairdresser is very pleased. I however think it looks like a helmet. But I don’t have the energy to argue. So I beam too! At the counter, the pretty hairdresser somehow manages to sell me the anti frizz pre blow dry cream and my bill is a whopping 50 pounds!! Bloody hell!!! I need to learn how to cut my hair hindsight, my hair does smell great for 2 days, until I shampoo and looks the same as before, just a little shorter .. lol!

And this 2 days later lol

Has anyone else gone through a similarly strange experience at the hair salons? Would love to hear your stories and have a laugh too.. lol

Also, if you thought my writing style was hilarious, I have to admit, its the after effects of reading a very funny book written in a similar style- review blog to follow soon! So grab a copy of that book, if you want to read similar stuff and laugh 😀

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good start to the week. Really sad to hear about the Vegas shooting. Prayers with the victims and praying to the Universe to give us humans some sense and stop all such mindless violence.

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