Norfolk broads- a Sunday afternoon well spent

I didn’t even know there were so many beautiful places around Ipswich to explore! A colleague had suggested Norfolk broads, which is 1.5 hours away by road from Ipswich. So we clubbed in with another couple friend who have a daughter of around the same age as ours and planned to spend Sunday at Norfolk broads😊

What we did: Well, just hire a private self drive boat and spend the afternoon boating! (Is that a word?) It cost us 18 pounds per hour and we booked the boat for 3 hours, which is enough considering two toddlers in tow😊 you can carry drinks and food on the boat too and depending on your budget, you can hire some luxury boats too!

My highlights of the trip: I just loved the boat ride and the views. Hadn’t seen anything like this before, I mean I have been on backwater boat rides which are beautiful- Kerala in India for example. But this was different because there were private houses along the backwater and well you could sail your own boat! How awesome is that?! The other best part was that the toddlers loved it! Initially my daughter was a little skeptical about the whole boat thing and she hated wearing the life jacket (there was a tantrum regarding that.. lol). But once she got the hang of it, she loved it! Even I got to put up my feet for 10 minutes without being disturbed by anyone and just loved the sound of the water and the quiet and the breeze on my face 😊

My lowlights: I couldn’t find any fault with this outing. The weather was perfect- bright and sunny, my daughter was more than well behaved and accommodating (what more can I ask for? Lol), and the boat ride was superb! But if I had to think then the only thing I probably missed doing was mooring the boat and having a pint at one of the canal bars 😊 but we didn’t have much time and didn’t want to test our luck with the good behaviour of the toddlers, so headed back instead and had that pint at home.. heheheh win win eh😉

How was everyone else’s weekend? Is there anything else to experience at Norfolk broads that anyone would recommend?

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