Traveling with toddler- day trip to Bury St Edmunds

We live in Ipswich, UK. Our 17 month old is growing up and figures she doesn’t like being in the car seat for too long. We like to see new places and travel. Parents were over from India.

Solution: let’s try out some of the nearby towns in Suffolk for a day trip and we chose Bury St Edmunds😊

Post breakfast, we left home by 10:30 am and it was a quick 40 minute drive from Ipswich, which wasn’t too bad for my little girl since she had mommy and grandma entertaining her! Now there are a lot of things to see in Bury, but we didn’t want to spend too much time there, so we had planned to see a few things only.

We stopped at the Abbey gardens first. The weather, although was forecast to be sunny, turned out to be cloudy and chillier than expected. Nevertheless we got the toddler in her buggy and walked down to the gardens. It’s a cute little garden with some ruins and a small fish pond in the centre- which I think is a major attraction with all the children😊

We walked about in the park and then headed towards the St Edmundsbury Cathedral, which is right attached to the park. You can see the Cathedral in the backdrop of the picture above too. The church was beautiful and my daughter had a grand time exploring all the pews and passageways in the Cathedral. Next stop on my list was a visit and a drink in Britain’s smallest pub – The Nutshell. It’s a short walk to the main town centre market from the park and even a shorter walk to the pub. We found it and it was so exciting having a drink there with my dad! Obviously like all tourists, I tagged myself on Facebook! My husband had to sacrifice getting inside the pub though since it was too small to have a toddler and a buggy in there too!

My daughter had started to feel sleepy and hungry by now, and it started drizzling lightly too, so we rushed to a nearby Italian restaurant called Prezzo for lunch and found that this place must be very popular with children since the place was brimming with parents with kids and babies in about an hour! The food was delicious and my baby was able to eat some pasta and bread there too😊

With a final stop over at the soft serve shop for a round of ice cream post lunch, we finally headed back to Ipswich by 2 pm. My daughter slept all the way through, she was so tired😊 and I loved the place and so did my parents. We might even visit here again, I guess..

Have you been to Bury St Edmunds? What would you recommend seeing here?

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