August book review- Still Life by Louise Penny (Inspector Gamache Series #1)

My Rating: 4 Stars

Book & Author: Still Life by Louise Penny (Inspector Gamache Series #1)

Genre: Fiction/Murder Mystery

Still life

The best part about being in a book club is that you get to know about some really amazing authors and books, that you might not have come across otherwise. Still Life, which is the first of the current 12 novel series of Inspector Gamache murder mysteries by Louise Penny is one such book. I was introduced to this author and her work as part of the destination reading challenge for a book club- the destination being Canada, and I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed at all!

I see a lot of murder mystery series and have also read a lot of mystery books, and I can say that I usually can guess who the killer is, maybe half way through the book. In the cases where I am unable to do so, I  feel like the author has done a really good job. Lol..self praise? But it’s not just the mystery that is great about this book, its the description of the location, the description of the food, the conversations over café au lait and drinks and dinner- never have I come across a book where a murder mystery is solved not by one person, but by the collaborative efforts/discussions of a group of people, over delectable meals!! I have to say, I was dreaming about being placed right in the middle of that group..and this is just my first book!

If I’m right, then the other mysteries in the series will also be placed in the same place of Three Pines and will probably involve some recurring characters, and I really hope it does, because I do want to be part of more funny banter and friendly discussions around this group, over coffee, meals, and drinks. I don’t want to go over much details of the story, but without giving out any spoilers, I do want to post some of my favourite quotes from this story, that I think would form very good subjects of discussions in a book club or any general setting. I will leave you with these quotes from the book and my initial thoughts on them. And I will definitely recommend this book to readers interested in murder mysteries for their book clubs, or otherwise too. I’d love to know if anyone else had read these series and what their thoughts are on the quotes leave me a note:)

  • Oscar Wilde said, that conscience and cowardice are the same thing” – I am at a fix regarding this quote, because although I don’t want it to be true, it does ring a certain bell to it. I mean, if we were not afraid of getting caught, if there was no law or no rule about what is considered right and what is wrong, would we have tried to do some of the things that we today dare not do? Personally, I think physically hurting another being will still not be in my cup of tea, but I do think I might be capable of other things like lying and cheating
  • We don’t want this going cold, because the turkey wouldn’t wait” – Just LOL!!
  • If we can accept that nothing is permanent, and change is inevitable, if we can adapt, then we’re going to be happier people” – This is so true..I mean, this is Darwinism at it’s core. I truly believe that change is the only constant in this world, and the sooner we accept this and welcome it, the better and happier we would be
  • The fault is here, but so is the solution. That’s the grace” – This quote got me thinking a lot. I believe that all of us have troubles, but sometimes I also feel that we have the power to make those troubles go away or not be too affected by those troubles. And where there is a will, there will always be a way. But then, recently, I’ve been getting thwarted a lot in my attempts to solve my current troubles, so much so, that my faith in the doctrine above, has started wavering slightly. But I’m going to plod on, hoping that I will see the end of the tunnel, or at least get adjusted to the darkness in the tunnel and realise it isn’t darkness after all 🙂

4 thoughts on “August book review- Still Life by Louise Penny (Inspector Gamache Series #1)

  1. Very good review of an apparently very good book. It’s on my reading list and will hopefully read it very soon.
    The quotes are interesting and thoughtful but your write ups on them are quite interesting too.
    I’m a great fan of Mr. Wilde and his quotes. I like your admissions around them because probably I’m that way too.

    The third and the fourth quotes; well, something which you already know deep down but somehow hesitate to act upon. 😊


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