The ‘Place’ I discovered where I have my affairs

I have been married for 7 or is it 8 years now and known each other for over a decade. I have a full time job, and a baby in the picture now. Life just catches up with you and things get monotonous, boring at times. My husband and I don’t hate each other, in fact we deeply care about each other and want to be in a family together, but we don’t have time for each other..most days. There are all these errands to finish, each day. Even socialising becomes a planned errand.

Until one day we found this place and our lives took a turn- maybe for the better or for the worse, we can’t say. All I can say is, it definitely has become something I long to experience every night now. When we’re in this place, it’s like we’re in a different world altogether, a world that is make believe, that is probably too perfect to exist. It is difficult not to be drawn to the people in this world, not to be attracted to them or even attached to them. It is difficult to be in a monogamous relationship, once you have experienced the ‘joys’ of this world. My husband and I, in a matter of just a month, decided we couldn’t remain faithful anymore and had to be in an open relationship, when it came to experiencing this world. Since we made this pact, most nights or days now, we feel we have gotten closer, have other ‘secrets’ to talk about- that is just ours to know, that no one else knows. It’s like a different kind of excitement.

Some nights we get together with a strong woman- I don’t mind, because I love strong women, I yearn to be like them, or even be them. Sometimes we are together with a witty man- it is difficult to be amusing all the time, but when this man is around, oh the humour! On some days, we exchange partners. Some days, I am unfaithful, but those are rare. Some days I get alone with beautiful men, who I can have all to myself. Sometimes even beautiful women. Sometimes, it is not the people, but the place itself that gives us goosebumps, that gets us excited for the night. What could the place spring on us tonight? What will it revel us with? It’s almost like being in one of Mr. Gatsbys crazy parties every night!

It’s also easy to slip into this place when you have a child or have many children. You just need to wait till they sleep, and you can tip toe into this place quietly. They have a very virtual access, so physical proximity is not a requirement. So, I know many readers and men and women might want to know more about this ‘place’. You might even want to know how to get entry to this place or become a member- because like other places, this is not a secret society- but it definitely can be tailored just for you. You could have access to that special tailored space of yours, where no one else can have access- if you choose that.

So, without further ado- I thought I would come out in the open today. Expose my secret ‘place’ where I have had many affairs.

Welcome to the world of Netflix and Online Streaming!!!! Woo Hoo!! <Rofl>

Currently watching with husband- Lewis on Netflix, and loving it! Can’t wait to start watching Game of Thrones! What is everyone else watching and does everyone else feel the same about this? 😀


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