Before and After Marriage- 5 ways your ‘partnership’ changes in

This is one of those posts that have no meaning or intention at all, other than just that I thought it would make some of us nod and smile thinking about our spouses or partners and how life changes with your partners over the years, but doesn’t necessarily mean that it changes for the worse 🙂 So, here goes:

Before Marriage

After Marriage


My partner cared about my ‘talents’ and ‘interests’ and seemed genuinely interested! No more the case, which is why I can easily write this blog and get away with it, because he will never read it! LOL!


You believe in the theory that opposites attract which is why you both are so good for each other!! You wonder, wouldn’t it have been better living with a clone of yourself so you didn’t have to argue about the little indifferences constantly!? 😀1636199


When you were dating, you find out he likes football/soccer and start on a secret mission to quickly get up to speed on all the players, clubs, premier leagues, international matches, etc etc- so you can be the ‘cool’ girlfriend 😉 You buy a laptop or an iPad so you can watch Vampire Diaries when he is watching matches on a saturday Ian Somerhalder is hot!!94234bbc71a0f81910cb637d41e137dc--wedding-meme-wedding-stuff


You just have to see each other a few hours in  a day and not deal with the extended family ever, which is why those few hours are the hours you are the happiest and look forward to the most in the day. Plus, its only those few hours that you need to dress up and look hot- that’s probably how you looked when out on a date..ahem cough..I can dream right? 😀wonder-woman-header5 Not only has your partner realized you actually don’t look hot or pretty all the time because you are living together 24x7x365 days a year, but there is also the added boredom of having the extended ‘family’ always around, because hey, everyone loves the bride or the daughter in law!! Sighhh- I need to find a secret room and rent it so I can be alone in my tattered bathrobe some times..haha Does anyone remember Carrie’s arrangement in Sex and the City?! Good ehwhen-the-going-gets-tough


If your partner was busy or was out of town for a while, you’d feel this strange void, not a sense of freedom actually. You’d miss him, wonder when he would be back. Making plans would be a drag because you would have to reach out to friends who already have plans with their partners, and that is really a tedious thing to do. So you start binge watching Sex and the City in those tattered Pajamas and have beer or Rum and order in Chinese one day and Pizza one day- eventually , your eyes are sore and you feel like a Panda, and you start counting days to when your partner will be back so you can dress up and go out and have a decent conversation!!! Thank God you’re married and get to live with your best friend every day. No more missing out on plans, dinner dates,  movie dates, finding a drinking buddy, finding a person or friend to talk to, to cry in front of, to lean on to, to get a hug when you’re feeling’s not so bad living with your best friend all the time now, is it?!!hehehFunny-marriage-quotes-3

3 thoughts on “Before and After Marriage- 5 ways your ‘partnership’ changes in

  1. Now this is one post I thought no one would ever write! Quite an accurate summary but the last point left me wondering. 😄


      1. The wondering is more about the presence or absence of that silver lining. Not sure how many can actually say with conviction, there is indeed a silver lining!


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