Travel with toddler – A trip to Lowestoft and why it’s great co-parent-traveling

I’m loving the summers here! To be frank, I’m a beach baby and I’ve lived mostly in hot humid tropical weather as I grew up. Fast forward and I find myself in Ipswich, UK, where the first few days of even summer were cold for me. But now, I’m just loving it here! The sunshine makes going to beaches all the more fun, people are happier in general and everything looks more green!

So on such a warm Saturday last weekend, we decided to co- travel to a nearby sandy beach at Lowestoft, with another family who have a daughter almost the same age as ours. Other than the obvious glorious drive, sun, sand and the beach, here are a few things I appreciated about traveling or co-traveling with other friends with children:

  1. Four parents between two toddlers is any day better and easier to deal with , than two parents and one toddler, I thought. Both the children were happily distracted by the new set of adults who were showering renewed love and attention to the other’s child.. and we all know how much children love attention .. hehe
  2. It’s definitely easier to relax when you realise you are not the only one with a crazy kid in tow and you are not the only parent who forgot to bring sunscreen.. ahem
  3. Talking about being prepared, someone will always forget something but at the same time, someone might not have forgotten the same thing you forgot- so that helps a lot! We had forgotten to bring the sunscreen but our friends had got theirs and that was a saver! 
  4. The toddlers end to be braver and hungrier when they have other toddler company, we realised. Normally, my daughter wouldn’t eat much when outside.. but with our friend’s daughter around, she ate most of her lunch! Wow! Similarly, our friend’s daughter was hesitant going into the water initially.. but together , they were braver and ended up having so much fun!!
  5. Finally, the more the merrier, when it comes to traveling with children. My kid had so much fun with the others and her toddler friend. And when she had fun, so did we.. and all of this led to her being happily tired , so that she slept all the way back home in the car! Bonus brownies!!! 

So that was what we were upto last sunny weekend- how did everyone else do? Have you co- traveled with other families or parents and experienced something similar? Would love to hear about all your experiences. And I would definitely recommend Lowestoft – if you’re looking for a relaxed day outing in the summer with your children 😊

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