Just musings series #5 – Top 3 things I learnt from Wonderwoman

I watched Wonderwoman this weekend. I think I could just write that much and end this blog- it would be self explanatory right?


But then, where would be the fun in that? I mean, I am writing a blog because I like writing..duh!   Also, I think now I have a new crush on Gal Gadot….add her to my original list of women/actors who’ve played characters I totally crush on- Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully), Scarlet Johannson (Lucy & Black Widow), Robin Wright (Claire Underwood), Stana Katic (Kate Beckett), Emma Watson (Hermoine) and ow Gal Gadot (as wonder woman)..sighhhhh <heart eyes>

So, the movie is super awesome, the reviews are out everywhere, and this is not a post on the review of the movie. It is about the 3 things I learnt from Wonderwoman (alright so Wonderwoman is a fictional character, but so is Batman – wait, you thought Bruce Wayne was a real person? heheh :D), after watching this movie, that I think I could try and use in my life to become a better person too. So here goes:

  1. Be original – Wonderwoman knew she is a fighter, and when she arrives at London, it could’ve been easy for her to try and adjust to the rest of the people there, like all of us do when we go to a different place or start a new relationship, or a new job. But instead, she didn’t care of what people thought- she dressed the way she wanted to, spoke her mind and did how she pleased- without hurting anyone in the process
  2. Be strong and believe in your capabilities – All of us are good at something. And everyone doesn’t have to be good at the same things and everything. But we tend to forget what we’re good at and stop believing in ourselves- which leads us to get weaker. I need to start re-instating to myself about all the things I’m good at, so even if I’m not good at many other things, it doesn’t matter..because I want to be wonder woman and I don’t want to be spiderman and flash and batman and ironman and all the other superheroes together! I can just have one power and use that as my strength!
  3. Find your mission and stick to it – Your mission can be as simple as finding Ares and killing him (ok, maybe its not that simple on second thoughts), or your mission could be as difficult as getting through a normal day with work, baby and other chores without breaking down or swearing. Like Wonderwoman, I want to start making my missions again- small daily missions or planned life missions- and try and stick to them like the dedication she stuck to her mission with 🙂 <Hiyaaa!!>>

So, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, please go watch it. Men will love it because- Gal Gadot..need I say more? And women will love it, because- oh there are a million reasons, just watch it 😀

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