From India to UK with a 1 year old- a series of unfortunate events, and not the lemony snickets one :D

I know, it has been ages since I’ve written a blog, and there is no wondering why- the reason is simple- I have fallen behind because I’m still trying to cope up with all the unfortunate events that have happened since the last one month and I’m praying with each passing day that we settle in soon, else you’re going to have to read a lot of lunatic rantings of a working mother who decided to move continents with her family for some! Here’s a glimpse of house in tatters in India:


And this is how happy we looked on our first week at cold Ipswich (I know its spring time here, but its cold for people traveling from the Indian summer..hehe)


Ummm..if only, that was the end of the story..ha ha ha..My time here since the last month and maybe a little more over that has been anything but a series of things I’m having to learn to cope with. Just to clarify, no evil being is trying to sabotage my family or my life, however, there are just new challenges, or adventures (as a friend calls it) that I’m having to learn to cope with. So I thought, I’d list down the the 5 things I think all not-so-superwoman-ish-type of working mommies might want to keep in mind while moving continents with their toddler (however, I pray no one really has to go through this in reality :D):

  1. Even if you are inspired by Laura Vanderkam and know ‘How She Does It’, or Lilly Singh and realise you know ‘How to be a Bawse’- in reality, you suck at it. I have tried all sorts of time management tricks, but in the end, I lose it all to sleep and baby/toddler demands- I am either coping up with a cranky toddler or trying to catch up on sleep…’s 9:30 pm and I can’t wait to get over with this blog and go to sleep already, coz my toddler is going to be up in another hour..ugh
  2. Be prepared for strange and long illnesses from the new Continent- to you and your entire family. It can come from anywhere, and you might think you are healthy because you’ve taken all your shots and never fallen ill in your home country, but lo and actually aren’t that immune to new viruses like the Ipswich flu- and compound that with the whole family..ahem
  3. You decide you are going to rock it at work, and have scheduled a list of face to face meetings with all your clients and bosses the first month you arrive- because PR rules..SCRAP THAT OUT actually 😀 In reality, because of point 2 above (man I sound like an IT guy, true to my profession, are we?), you will actually be taking a lot more leaves and apologizing a lot more to your already accommodating clients and colleagues
  4. This is not India- therefore, no one runs after you to get a bank account opened, you run after the bank here. This is not India- therefore, you can’t get over the counter antibiotics for suggestions provided by your family doctor, you actually don’t get medicines most of the time, because the body will heal due course…long due course. This is not India- therefore, even though people say its warm here and they are selling bikinis at stores- please get a lot of warm clothes when you travel from India to UK for the first time, else you will be left wearing all your clothes- like me..until winter actually arrives here <rolls eyes>
  5. You will miss your friends and family back from your point of origin country a lot- but this is where the bond of your immediate family actually gets stronger and you tend to give each other hope and strength and pray for a silver lining- because, you have to believe that this too shall pass 🙂

P.S.: I have been struggling with my toddler’s illness since two weeks now and super tired. But I have my music, alcohol and sleep and the hugs and smiles of my child and my partner to keep me going. Hopefully, we will all be running around healthy by next week, and hopefully I will be back on track with my exercise, blogging and reading:) Until then..hang in there lads and ladies 😀

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