March Book/Comic Review #1 – Adulthood is a myth by Sarah Anderson


My Rating: 4 Stars

Book/Comic & Author: Adulthood is a myth by Sarah Anderson

Genre: Comic

Sometimes you just need to read a comic and count that as a book that you’ve read..haha!

Basically, sometimes you have to cheat to keep up with your reading goals in a month when there are too many things on your plate and the other book you’ve chosen turns out to be a tough! I’m just 30% through my original selection for March read- The inevitable, but it seems like it’s going to be a while to finish this book and write a review for it. So in the meanwhile, I really needed to find something that I could squeeze into reading this month to keep up with my reading challenge target. Usually, I’d pick a fiction or drama, but I didn’t even have time to search for a proper book! So I just thought I’d pick this one up and cheat.. 😉

So now that we’ve got that covered, let’s review this book shall we? But then, there is nothing to review! There are funny cartoons with anecdotes about growing up that most of us can relate to and its great if you want to laugh for 2 hours 😀 It’s a good gift to give to your teenage son or daughter too I’d think- at least they’ll have a laugh.

So I went against my usual rating process for this one, and gave it a 4, since this comic book made me laugh in a stressful period of the month 🙂

So, what has everyone else been reading this month? Do you also cheat sometimes and read a comic and add it to your reading challenge?I’d love to hear your stories too..

I’m excited for April now- other than the usual office work and baby duties, I might have some major changes coming up, and I’ve got two exciting books lined up for here’s to looking forward to things!! 🙂

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