Just musings series #4 – Have you ever considered doing things alone?


Last Sunday I went to watch Beauty and the Beast. By myself. At the theatre. I loved it. I’m also not going to say that I’m a new mom and this was the only way I could get some me-time because I have been doing this since even before I became a mom, even before I got married.

I actually enjoy doing a lot of things alone- does that make me strange? Maybe..but I thought I’d share a few of the things I enjoy doing- with a group or better, by myself:

  1. Watching a movie – I mean really, why do people need company to watch a movie? I really don’t like talking or discussing stuff like the plot during the movie, unless the movie is one where you’ve specifically gone with friends just to make fun of it. But its so much better if I watch the movie alone- I don’t have to dress up for it, if it were a date, I don’t have to watch how much popcorn I eat, and I don’t have to talk to people- win win right!?
  2. Going for walks or jogs in the morning – This is the time I like listening to music, or my podcasts, or just reflect- its my meditation for the day. I don’t mind company, its safer sometimes too, but I really do enjoy this more when I’m solo 🙂
  3. Reading – Duh!
  4. Eating at a restaurant – I know this is a strange one, but you won’t understand what I’m talking about unless you try it out. Of course the restaurant in question has to be such where you will feel pampered- so fast food places are out of the list. This is more like having a date with yourself, please don’t use the phone for company either. Dress up, let the person serving you decide your courses, bite, taste and savor every bite and sip of drink. Look around, enjoy the soft music, take your time and enjoy your food- for once-without being judged or rushed again 🙂
  5. Drinking at the bar – Everyone knows its so much more fun drinking alone at the bar- you get to talk to more people, watch the bartender do his tricks, and not get bored really..heheh
  6. Going for a spa or a massage – well, I don’t mind couple’s massages, but I prefer being alone here too…lol!

So, have you tried any of these? I have traveled alone , but just once and I don’t think that makes me an expert on whether I like traveling alone more or not. And what are some of the other things people have tried, that you’d like to suggest me to try out too? 🙂



One thought on “Just musings series #4 – Have you ever considered doing things alone?

  1. Well, and I thought, I was ‘strange’!

    I think, the fun does lie most of the times, in my world, in doing things alone. I love being a loner and even have fun explaining to the ‘wonderstruck’ people that being a loner and being a lonely are two different things!

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