Just musings series #2 -The art of savouring now πŸ˜Š

Last Sunday my 9 month old daughter didn’t go to nap at her usual time in the morning , so I thought, I’ll take her downstairs to the park and put her in the swing for sometime. Little did I know that what sounded like an errand in my head to begin with, would end up being a fun filled morning in the sun doing nothing! My daughter sat on the swing yes and made all her cooing sounds and laughed and when she had enough of that, she wanted to be taken to the grass to play with her ball! I had showered and had fresh clothes on but one look at her dear face and her beckoning me to join her made me lose all sense and go play with her in the grass, bare feet, on all fours! It was so much fun! We soaked in the sun , lay on the dirty grass, laughed and chased a silly ball, on all fours for more than an hour! I hadn’t done anything like this on all the Sundays I had lived in this house! In fact most of my Sunday mornings had gone binge watching tv or sleeping! Lol

So , this is what I learnt that day from my 9 month old on how to savour the now😊

  • Forget about how you look and what you’re wearing at the moment- it doesn’t matter, no one will care in the long run😊
  • Its better if you have a partner in crime
  • It is easier to savour the moment if you’re doing something you love and with people you love – in an outdoorsy place. Step out of the couch or the floor at home and just go to the nearest open place outside!
  • As someone mentioned to me the other day- get comfortable being uncomfortable 😊It will be worth it at the end..
  • Try not to take to many pictures or videos but if you do want a memory to write about later or look back at later, take a picture when you’re about the leave the place. That way you wouldn’t have missed on any of the fun and you’d have an awesome picture with happy faces to remember at the end! Win win!

I want to practise being in the moment more, what about you? Do you like living in the past , or being excited about your future or being in the moment more? How do you savour the now? 😊

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