Book Review: I know how she does it by Laura Vanderkam

My rating: 3.7 Stars

The mosaic metaphor is that life consists of many tiles. Some tiles are stressful and some are wonderful. Laura Vanderkam


Laura’s statement above sums up her time management lesson in this book. It’s funny how I’ve started opening up to more self help books lately. I read an awesome self help book called How to be a Badass last year and was able to take some very good lessons from the book, which are still working for me. And now this.

I’m a new mom to an 8 month old and I’ve rejoined work post my long maternity leave, so it was an obvious choice to pick this book up, just because it talks about so much positivity about women who want to have it all and can have it all too, without feeling guilty.

What I really liked about this book is that it doesn’t have too many lessons, but has a lot of facts about how real women are managing time- those statistics make it seem real. One can’t pick up this book and say – “well, its easy to preach, but let’s see how you deal with it in real life”. Because that’s exactly what the book does- it talks about women who aren’t preaching, but actually practicing awesome time management in their lives – making time for their careers, family, children, exercise/health and themselves too! It really is possible, with a little change in mindset (using Laura’s tips in the book) and some time management.

That said, I didn’t give this book my awesome 4+ stars, just because, towards the second half of the book, I thought I had learnt what I needed to learn from the first half of the book itself, and the time logs started to feel slightly repetitive/boring later on. Also, in my kindle, the book finishes at 80% and then the remaining 20% are just sources from where the author has picked up her statistics from, for the book. So that bored me a little too 😀

My summary- a good read for moms or working moms, who just need a little bit of motivation to live life queen size 🙂

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