Vacation 2016 at Goa!

After almost a year, my sister- my best friend, came down to visit us from the US for christmas vacations and after almost a year, we were ready for a proper vacation with our baby πŸ™‚ We decided to go to our favorite winter destination in India- Goa, because, it is such a beautiful place, and has something to offer for all age groups and people of all interests and well, just because I love beaches and really wanted a vacation! Lol

It was a small trip of 3 nights, and we stayed at an amazing resort called Sea Shell beach resort at Candolim, booked a suite and basically just lazed around alternating between the beach, the pool at the resort and various restaurants and shacks on beaches. So all in all, it was a great trip. I won’t go into details, because I can go on and on, but I wanted to put down a few tips and highlights of the trip, that helped make our trip better and more fun, especially if you’re traveling with a baby (we travelled with our 8 month old). Some of it was planned and some just turned out lucky for us πŸ™‚


We had a lot planned for our baby’s food, but she didn’t really like any of the exotic stuff like idlis or pancakes for food. But we were able to manage between bananas, Gerber cereal, mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables sauteed in butter. Most places, including our resort were very helpful in preparing baby worthy food, and I loved that. But other than that, our daughter had a lot, and I seriously mean a lot of water!! lol


Before this trip, we had made another small trip with our daughter when she was three months old to a nearby hill station to Lonavla, but it didn’t seem like a great experience for her. So we were a little apprehensive about how this trip would be for her, but were so pleasantly surprised because she had such a blast! I think I have a water baby- she loved the beach and wanted to just keep on playing with the waves, she loved the pool and she loved taking showers with me in the resort bathroom! hahah Also, Goa is so green and beautiful, that she was constantly looking around at the trees and the people – she smiled and laughed so much! Breakfast alfresco every morning, sleeping in the air conditioned room and feasting on bananas and water..she absolutely had a blast! I think it also helps that she is older now, so I think 8 months onwards is a good age to travel with babies.


These things were a great help too – a cute bikini bought at Goa itself, swimming diapers (you can order those from Amazon, from the Huggies brand), a big hat to shield from the sun, chewy toys..


Well, us adults also had a swell time! We ate a lot and since I’m not breast feeding, I got to enjoy a lot of yummy cocktails all through the day too. The seafood there is to die for and its so cheap! We also had lunch at this restaurant called Souza Lobo that is definitely recommended. My sister and I got to go out little partying one of the nights as well, as my husband offered to watch our daughter and make her sleep..yay! The rest of the trip and days were pretty much a repetition of this – wake up and have alfresco buffet breakfast at the awesome resort, walk to the beach and play with the waves with our daughter, have a beer on the beach, head back and get into the pool at the resort and play in the pool with my baby for another hour, give her a bath and feed her and put her for her first nap of the day (which would be a good nap because she would be so tired with all the playing!), head out for lunch and drinks, come back and do an afternoon siesta with the baby (her second nap), have coffee in the evening at the resort balcony and head out for a long walk on the beach with our daughter in the carrier (Boba for us), where she blissfully falls asleep and we rest a little at one of the shacks for some beer/cocktails and seafood starters and then order in dinner and drinks back at the resort once we make her go to sleep for the night..such an amazing trip πŸ™‚

What are your recommendations and experiences traveling and vacationing with a baby?

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