When sleep eludes me..yawnnnn

When sleep eludes me,

I’m irritable

When sleep eludes me,

I get constipated (yeah, we all poop, its natural) ..lol

When sleep eludes me,

I can’t drag my body out of the bed to go for that morning jog

When sleep eludes me,

I feel like a zombie for the rest of the day

When sleep eludes me,

I eat a lot of junk and sometimes act a little crazy..

And then you ask, but why does sleep elude you sis? Why don’t you just sleep and not crib?

And I’ll smile that zombie eyed smile and say, well, I’ll let sleep elude me….

..As long as I can give my baby the sleep that eluded me, instead πŸ™‚

A toast to all the sleep deprived moms! I’d like to believe our little angels will be thanking us in their dreams when they smile and snuggle up to us.

So mommies, how do you manage sleep deprivation? Coffee? Sarcasm? Some dancing in front of the baby perhaps? πŸ˜€




2 thoughts on “When sleep eludes me..yawnnnn

  1. I also eat so bad when I am tired! haha! Glad I am not alone there. If I am really tired, I try to get moving by going for a walk or jumping on the elliptical machine for 10 minutes. It helps to combat my grumpiness! πŸ˜‰


    1. hahha..its strange right though, that we have to push ourselves to work out when tired, when actually after the exercise, I feel more energized! hahah but good tip, Ill keep that in mind next time Im grumpy πŸ™‚


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