First weekend getaway with baby!

Poppins is now three months old and we decided we could go on a short weekend getaway with friends this month, since it’s been raining and it would be amazing and green all over Maharashtra now. I was still a little apprehensive about the travel, since my baby is just three months old and this would be her first outing to a new place and with so many people, I wasn’t even sure how to plan it and how it would impact her schedule and her mood or health, but we decided to give it a go anyway. How else would we know how to manage a trip outside with our baby? Hehhe

So, we packed all the necessary stuff- warm clothes for us and her, socks and mittens for her, formula, bottles, boiled water, her bottle steriliser, blanket and bed that she sleeps on, her pillows and medicines, diaper bag stuff and thought we were completely ready for the trip. The trip was to Lonavla at this rented bunglow where three couples with kids, a no kid couple and two bachelors were to party over this weekend. Poppins loves the car ride till Lonavla- at first she just wanted to see everything from the window, even if she still doesn’t have neck control and then she fell asleep. She was also great when we reached the place- oh the house was so big and beautiful! It was near a hill with small waterfalls and each bedroom had an attached bathroom. We had cooks and cleaners at our beck and call, wine, beer and whiskey, playmates for the kids, an indoor swimming pool! Poppins had fun the initial few hours there and my husband and I took turns to take care of her, feed her and get her to nap , while the other went downstairs and chilled with food, drinks and chatter with the others.

However, the house wasn’t noise proof and the gang was quite loud. Since our baby is used to napping during the day when it is quiet at home, she had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I don’t think she liked all the noise and people and being locked in that tiny room and the cold weather either. All that made her really agitated and by night time she was crying her lungs out. We had to put in quite an effort to put her to sleep eventually. Next morning too, since the weather was cold, we hadn’t planned to give her a massage or her bath and I think that was another mistake, because she likes her schedule and wasn’t able to sleep without that and then got really cranky again. Luckily for us, Lonavla is near Pune, so we just decided to leave earlier. Our baby slept through the ride back home too but once home she again had trouble all night trying to wind down.

So although we managed to go out in a small trip and also had some fun the first couple of hours on Saturday, I feel we made q mistake in taking our three month along to a trip suddenly without getting her used to people and outside steadily through shorter outings. Also, since she’s on a sort of a schedule now, it was difficult for her to adjust without her usual activities. So that was our lesson for the next trip, if we make one before the family trip to Delhi.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

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